With more than 30 years of facility management experience, our process was developed to make doing business easy with ENCOMPASS.

We want there to be more than just simplicity. We ensure the quality of our work, and professionalism of our staff. A series of checkpoints are built into our process to validate that every job lives up to the ENCOMPASS Code of Quality.

Our staff is engaged for the entire project. Continually checking on it to ensure it meets our quality standards. When a job has been completed, our staff reviews the entire project again. Once we determine the project has been completed, we submit for your approval. Our goal during these checkpoints is to know that when you review the project for yourself, you will find a completed project that exceeds your expectations.

Overview of Programs

Chiller Plant

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Plant efficiency, safety and regulatory requirements of EPA 608 and SCAQMD 1415.  Our team ensures 24 X 7 operational availability to meet your business needs.

Encompass Building Services utilizes proprietary technology and a diligent workforce to ensure that significant electric loads produced by chillers are properly treated and maintained.  We understand that corroded tubes or leaking refrigerant can increase operating costs significantly.  Maximizing energy conservation and minimizing operating costs are a result of quality facility management and all chillers being operated at peak performance.

Our team is dedicated to keeping track of temperatures, pressure, fluid levels, and flow rates.  Attention to cleanliness of tubes for an efficient heat transfer, a technologically advanced approach to condenser treatment, keeping incoming water temperatures as low as possible and ensuring flow rates of 3 to 12 FPS through the tubes are a few of the ways in which we keep maintenance efforts minimized.

Cooling Towers

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Implementing new GREEN technologies, providing maintenance and managing systems to drive water efficiency that meet the newest facility management standards and code requirements.

Conserve up to 40% of water used by the cooling tower by utilizing a Reduced Bleed/Blowdown Technology combined with a proprietary hybrid treatment process will deliver your cooling tower application with a “tip of the spear” operation.  The proprietary blend removes scale forming ions from supply water prior to entering the system in order to protect metals from corroding.  Realize a reduction of chemical usage of up to 80% by implementing hybrid water saving technologies.

These technologies may be implemented on any cooling tower, evaporative condenser and fluid cooler on any size or type of facility.  This includes but is not limited to refineries, power plants, food processing plants, agricultural facilities, pharmaceutical, biomedical manufacturing, casino & gaming resorts, automotive manufacturing, hospitals, hotels, airports, and office buildings.  Whether your operation runs 20 tons or 500,000 tons, the facility management team at Encompass Building Services can significantly decrease blowdown and chemical usage.


Electrical & Switchgear

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There are many approaches to switchgear maintenance, which range from continuous online monitoring to “do nothing” (“run-to-failure”). Predictive and preventive maintenance programs — including most of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and International Electrical Testing Association (NETA) recommendations — fall in the middle of this range. Most real-world maintenance programs are a combination of these approaches. For instance, replacing indication lights only when they’ve failed is an example of run-to-failure maintenance. On the other hand, maintaining disconnect switches on a periodic basis — cleaning, lubricating, and exercising them — is an example of preventive maintenance. Annual visual and thermographic inspections on bus connections and breakers are examples of predictive maintenance.